New Xerox Digital Press

01 September 2023

In what is fast becoming the ‘year of the Iridesse’  a new Xerox Iridesse Production Press was installed at London-based First Colour, alongside a Xerox PrimeLink B9125

The new devices mark a return to Xerox for First Colour. About five years ago, First Colour Director Cliff Finn and the team decided to try another manufacturer. However, when the contract was once again due for renewal, Xerox was pleased to build a new service plan and advise on new Xerox equipment to maximise First Colour’s print potential.

Another New Addition At First Colour

Following the successful install of a new Xerox Iridesse and PrimeLink last year, First Colour have welcomed another Xerox device into their print room.

New Year, New Printer

Not 12 months after the Iridesse moved in, First Colour were in need of another device.

Another manufacturer’s press at First Colour needed replacing, so Cliff looked back to Xerox’s catalogue to see which device would be the best fit.

First Colour needed a robust device that could print longer sheets, as well as match the colour profiles being used on the Iridesse.

Therefore, Xerox suggested a Xerox 4100 with EX Fiery RIP, a XLS High-Capacity Vacuum Feeder, IDM & Production Finisher.

This new addition means that First Colour’s digital print environment is made up of three Xerox devices working together seamlessly, to continue producing large quantities of premium prints, without compromising the high quality.

First Colour And Xerox

Xerox and First Colour began working together at the end of 2008. The relationship has always been mutually beneficial, sharing industry insight and knowledge between businesses.

Throughout the last decade and a half, First Colour’s dedicated Production Account Manager has been Laurie Ryan. It’s been Laurie’s pleasure to be on hand to advise on new and existing devices with the potential to keep First Colour ahead of the game.

Wanting to explore options from other manufacturers and see what technology was available elsewhere, First Colour decided to leave Xerox five years ago. 

Ultimately, however, the quality of Xerox devices combined with First Copy’s support was unmatched by competitors.

First Colour requires premium devices to reflect its status as one of the highest-volume independent printers in London. The design team found additional speciality toners from Xerox gave their work another level of quality.

A significant number of First Colour’s key clients require gold print on luxury products. First Colour found Xerox’s gold toner was of a higher quality and colour depth than competitors’ consumables. In addition, the team recognised the opportunities of using white underlay to make designs pop on coloured media and bring more creative options to many and varied applications. With these points in mind, the Xerox Iridesse Production Press eventually emerged as the front-runner amongst the competition.

To make the most of the possibilities available, Xerox arranged for the team at First Colour to attend a Xerox Genesis training session. The webinar aimed to support the First Colour team to create more ambitious and valuable designs using speciality colours on the Iridesse, ensuring the business is equipped to get the most out of the device.

Xerox also installed a Xerox PrimeLink B9125 to take care of First Colour’s high quality and high volume mono print demands.

Laurie says, ‘It’s been great working with such an experienced printer in such a prestigious part of London, and I’ve always enjoyed working with Cliff in particular. I’m looking forward to helping First Colour utilise their new Iridesse for higher-value print opportunities, and it will be exciting to see the products they start creating.

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