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A Guide to Print Finishing Options


A laminate is the application of a very thin sheet of clear plastic material to the printed product. The use of lamination can prolong a printed product life expectancy and also prevent any ink smudging. 

Mostly used on covers, folders and restaurant menus.

Paper Scoring

When a printed product is created from paper heavier than say 170gsm to ensure that the piece folds properly it will require scoring to ensure an easier clean fold. Essentially we’re making a permanent crease in the paper.

The score creates a ridge that is pushed into the paper where the fold line will occur. This ‘ridge’ is created using effectively an automated blunt metal edge that creates a hinge-like area. This “hinge” is what allows for smoother, easier folding.

Scoring helps improve the fold as it stops the potential for the paper to ‘buckle’.

Paper Drilling

Paper drilling is simply bulk drilling holes for insertion into biners  instead of ‘hand punching’ on small stacks of paper. 

Applications for paper drilling are e.g. file holes for different ring binders, loose leaf collections, rows of holes for wire comb binding and tags. Many products processed on a paper drilling machine are stationery items.  Also, catalogues, manuals and brochures are drilled on a paper drilling system to be able to file them in a binder.

Sometimes drilled holes are used for decorative purposes. Additionally to different stock types - e.g. offset paper, bond paper, glossy paper, coated paper - a modern paper drilling machine can drill many other materials like plastic films, cardboard, foils etc.

Thermographic Printing

Thermography is a printing special effect that raises the ink in a ‘brail like’ effect and is used for a high quality and creative finish. Typically thermographic printing is used for printing high quality formal invitations and business cards.

As experienced thermographic printers we can offer an efficient, quick and affordable thermographic printing service. Whether you need a thermographic finish to invitations, letterheads or any other printed material, we can help.


Embossing alters the surface of the paper by providing a three dimensional or raised effect on selected areas. Generally, embossing is the process most often employed  to creatively attract attention or convey a high quality contrast to the surrounding area of the paper stock.

"Debossing" is similar to embossing, but recesses the design rather than raising it. Rather than the paper being raised in specific areas, it is indented.

Embossing is basically used to create a distinctive effect - embossing makes something stand out from the page. It impresses an image or text into a surface using an engraved metal die and this is what creates a raised impression. Embossing gives high quality elegance to all kinds of printed materials including stationery and envelopes, invitations, wedding cards, thank you notes, gift bags and other promotional goods.

Spot UV Varnishing

Spot UV Varnish is a process whereby a clear gloss, matt or satin `laquer`is applied onto specific areas of (usually) pre litho-printed sheets. Either directly onto the paper or, more effectively, after the sheet has been matt laminated.  

Spot UV can also be used directly onto most uncoated stocks too, simply by first applying a matt UV and then a gloss UV over the top.   This effect will highlight certain areas of any printed matter and greatly enhance the product.


Perforations are usually used to allow easy separation of two sections of the material, such as allowing paper to be torn easily along the line. Uses include raffle tickets, invoices with remittance slips attached and return coupons on flyers.

Poster Mounting onto Foamex Board

Once you have printed your posters on our photo realistic wide format printers we can also mount them in virtually any size using 3mm or 5mmm Foamex board. 

Used mainly for exhibitions and presentations these rigid mounts can also be print surface laminated. Light enough to carry around and displaying on walls or exhibition stands with velcro.

Vinyl Banner Eyelets

Fixed in mounting points around a vinyl banner.

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